What is «TopCup»?

Casual games eSport tournaments platform.

«TopCup» enables participating in games of skill contests for prizes. Everyone can compete in popular casual games for virtual Coins or Bitcoin.

Participants pay entry fee to enter contest, sum of all entry fees forms contest prize fund◊. All contest participants play casual game with aim to achieve maximum score possible and get top positions on contest leaderboards. Prize fund is distributed between top leaderboards positions as defined by contest rules.

Every day «TopCup» holds hundreds of contests for popular casual games.

Please Register or Sign in and enter Lobby to discover list of all actual contests:

Contests vary on game, entry fee, number of participants, prize fund and top positions to distribute prizes.

Press contest name to get full information about contest rules. There can be a limit on maximum entries that is allowed per one participant — it defines how much times you can play the game within one contest.

Contest can be completed only in case it collects specified number of participants. Contests with lack of participants will be cancelled and all the entry fees would be returned to participants.

Switch tabs to check prizes distribution table and actual list of users already joined this event.

You need virtual Coins or Bitcoin to enter contest. Coins are given on registration and can be obrained by collecting daily rewards and inviting friends. Bitcoin can be deposited to your account directly from any wallet and withdrawed at any time.

Participating in contest

Perform the best while playing contest game to achieve highest scores possible.

Some contests allow multiply entries - you may have several attempts to max the score. Please note that each entry fee allows you to play contest game only once.

It is not gambling or a casino. Results of each game you play depend mainly on your skills, not chance or luck.

Every game has it's own set of rules, please read them before playing the game. Most games are time-limited.

We highly reccomend to train playing with virtual Coins before attending Bitcoin events.

Contest results

Once the number of participants will reach maximum value defined for contest, contest would be considered completed and results would be published.

Being asynchronous multiplayer game it may require a time to wait for other participants to join the contest and play the game.

You can track contest progression in "Contests" menu tab. Results of finished contests could be found in "Results" tab. There you can find history of all contests you have ever taken part in.

Results table shows what scores players achieved and who have taken the prizes.

Congratulate the winners!

«TopCup» is about fair & transparent play!

Games of skill tournaments are provable fair by their concept.

  • All contest rules are set in stone from the very beginning and shall be not changed during the contest.
  • Full list of contest participants and final results are open and and can be accessed by every user.
  • Games built on secure client-server architecture that iliminates chance of cheating or fraud.

Play «TopCup» today!


Choose any contest or create your own on your rules.

Read on how to host your own contest:

How to create contest?
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