How to create contest?

Organize your own casual games eSports tournament!

«TopCup» enables participating in games of skill contests for prizes. Everyone can compete in popular casual games for virtual Coins or Bitcoin.

What is «TopCup»?

Host your cybersport tournament today!

Create your own casual game contest and get rewards for every invited participant.

Press "Create Contest" button in the Lobby:

Determine contest conditions on your sole discretion!

Choose number of participants, entry fee and prize distribution rules.

Contest types

Open a private contest to invite your friends or announce new public event everyone can take part in.


Public contests are listed in Lobby, anyone can join it. Invite friends to get Coin for everyone who sign up TopCup.

Private *

Only invited participants can take part in contest. Contest organizer earns 2% from every participant entry fee, be it in Coins or Bitcoin.

* — Private contests would be available in Beta release.

After creating a Private contest you will be given a link to invite participants and promote your event. Link can be freely distributed in social networks, web pages, blogs, forums, messengers and other types of internet media.

Contest conditions

Choose a Game to play and define Entry fee and number of Participants for the contest.

Participants is maximum number of participants that can take park in this event.
Entry fee is the price for taking part in contest, that is equal for all the participants.

Contest prize fund is equal Participants x Entry fee*. The bigger number of participants and entry fee are the larger prizes would be. Please consider using reasonable values for both params. Contest may not be finished if there is no participants willing to enter it.

Prize pool distribution models

Prize pool is distributed between top positions. You can define number of top positions in Prizes field.

There are several ways on how prize pool can be distributed between winners.

  • Winner takes all
  • Top 3 get prizes
  • Top third get prizes
  • Top half get prizes

Form will guide you through the process and show how the prize pool is distributed corresponding to the model you have chosen.

After public contest is created it will be published in general Lobby list that is available for every «TopCup» visitor.

Selection of games

«TopCup» offers variety of casual games for cybersport tournaments.

We are constantly working on offering you more game titles. At the moment there are 6 games you can play:

Wild Gems 6x6

Lite version of gems match3 game on 6x6 board with 1 min time limit.

Wild Gems 90 sec

Custom board gems match3 game with 2 min time limit.

Wild Gems 120 sec

Custom board gems match3 game with 1 min 30 sec time limit.

Gems Cave 6x6

Classic gems match3 game on 8x8 board with 1 min time limit.

Gems Cave 90 sec

Custom board gems match3 game with 2 min time limit.

Gems Cave 120 sec

Custom board gems match3 game with 1 min 30 sec time limit.

Every game has its own set of rules and strategies on how to achieve maximum scores.

Announce your casual eSports tournament today!

* — excluding service commission.