Participant VIP status

Every TopCup participant can apply VIP status to his account that allows to take part in special VIP contests, marks your account name in the list of contests participants and offers number of additional privileges and special promotions.

You can obtain VIP status in you “Profile” page by purchasing in from your account balance or paying by collected scores.

VIP status can be applied for different periods ranging from 1 to 12 months, cost of VIP status can vary in time.

Please watch special offers to make good bargain on that.

Being active contest participant allows collect necessary amount of scores to prolong VIP status for the next period for free.

When receiving VIP status by scores your general number of collected scores on balance leaves intact, only amount of scores you can use to buy VIP status next time decreases.

Participants are not allowed to use TopCup bonuses to gain VIP status. For example, if you received $5 welcome bonus and have $10 on your account in total, you can use only $5 for purchasing a VIP status. At the same time you can use any winnings you made using these bonuses to buy VIP even if you do not deposit any money.