Terms & Conditions

This Terms & Conditions constitute an integral part of User Agreement between You and TopCup.

  • 1. Participation in the Contests
  • Only those Participants that are registered and authorized with their Accounts can take part in Contests.

    Each Contest is governed by its own set of rules and is conducted on certain conditions set in Contest information page. All participants should read all of these rules and conditions carefully before taking part in the Contests.

    Taking part in Contest means selection of players for fantasy sport team for a Contest (hereinafter “Draft”).

    For the Contests with entry fee: entrance fee for participation in the Contest shall be debited from Participant Account at the time Participant confirms the Draft for such a Contest.

    Service reserves the right to cancel any of the declared Contests at any time. In the event of a cancellation of the Contest, all entry fees shall be refunded to participants of the Contest, no later than 12 (twelve) hours after cancellation of the Contest was announced.

    The Service reserves the right to move participants from one Contest to other one Contest held on the same conditions.

    Completing (finishing) of Contest means publishing scores accumulated by the Drafts of Contest Participants after all real sport games include in Contests are finished and results are known.

    All Contest Participants has the right to see a list of other Participant’s Drafts for Contest in the any moment after Contest is started in case Contest was not canceled. That includes information about amount of points received by each player in each participant’s Draft for that Contest.

    Guaranteed prizes are offered for some Contests that means such a Contest should be completed even if Contest not reached required maximum number of participant at the moment of the start of Contest.

    The Participant may cancel his participation in the Contest or change the Draft for that Contest no later than 1 (one) hour before the start of the Contest.

  • 2. Refilling the Funds
  • At the moment it is possible to refill Funds of the Participant’s Account only by using of the bonus promo codes.

  • 3. Contest prizes
  • Prizes to Participant shall only be awarded if the Contest is completed (successfully finished) and Participant is in the list of Contest winners corresponding to Prize table as set in Contest conditions based on amount of scores Participant’s Draft for that Contest has received. Participants shall comply with eligibility requirements of Service and all applicable rules of Contest to win prizes.

    Prizes are added to the Participant’s Account Funds balance. Generally prizes are awarded during the first 24 (twenty-four) hours after completion of the Contest, but in some cases prizes can be awarded during the first 3 (three) days after completion of the Contest.

  • 4. Funds Withdrawal
  • The Participant may withdraw Funds from his Account using the "Withdrawal" option in the profile page of the Service. To obtain the Funds from Account, Participant must send withdrawal request, which includes the amount of Funds Participant want to withdraw and desired method of payment. To send withdrawal requests Participant should completely fill his user profile (legal name; legal residential address, including apartment number and street address, city, country and zip code; date of birth; email; number of mobile phone).

    After sending withdrawal request amount of Funds to withdrawal will be blocked on a Participant’s Account and cay not be used to participate in the Contests.

    Withdrawal request review are processed within 7 (seven) business days. This time limit allows the Service to check withdrawal requests and to take a decision for withdrawal of the Funds.

    Any withdrawal requests being approved by the Service shall be credited to Participant using the same method of payment or credit or debit card used by Participant to deposit the Funds on his Account. If the Funds on a Participant’s Account, including the Funds from Prizes, exceeds the total debited by credit or debit card Funds, the difference may by credited using any other method of payment or credit or debit card. In case of a positive decision of the Service to withdraw the Funds, the Funds shall be credited not later than 7 (seven) business days after taking this decision.

    In case of a negative decision of the Service to withdraw the Funds, the Funds shall be returned to an Account balance and cay be used to participate in the Contests and the Participant shall be noticed by the Service on the reason of such a decision.

    The status of withdrawal request, as well as the reason or some comments shall be listed in section “Finance” of user profile on a Participant’s Account.

    The Participant agrees with conditions of credit intermediaries during withdrawal of the Funds from a Participant’s Account to credit or debit card. The Participant agrees to pay all fees to for credit intermediaries during withdrawal of the Funds from a Participant’s Account to credit or debit card.

  • 5. Bonuses and limitation on withdrawal
  • The Service may offer bonuses to Participant which can be debited on Participant’s Account Funds by activation of special coupons or promo codes on the profile page.

    Amount of received Funds from bonuses can limit the amount of Funds Participant can withdraw from his Account. This limit is equal to the Funds of received bonuses. If there is already a withdrawal limit for Participant Account, new bonuses shall increase this limitation.

    While taking part in the Contest the directly debited Funds using Account refill option shall prevail to the Funds debited from bonuses.

  • 6. Claims
  • The Service shall consider all claims of participants on condition that:

    • The claim is in written form;
    • It is no later than 10 (ten) days from beginning of the situation to claim;
    • The Participant send to the Service all information to the subject of situation to claim.

    The Participant may address his claims to the Service by sending an email or by using a feedback form to the Service.

    The Participant may address his claims to the Service on condition to fill Username of an Account, legal name of the Participant, email; number of mobile phone.

    The Service reserves the right to review the claim within 30 (thirty) days.

    The Service reserves the right to refuse in solution to any claim, if the claim is based on invalid data or the claim contains not enough information.